I am Joseph, Dad 

الديوان : Mahmoud Darwish Poems . الشاعر/الكاتب : محمود درويش

أنا يوسفُ يا أبي

I am Joseph, Dad
Dad, my brothers do not like me,
They Do not want me among them, Dad
They assault me and throw rocks and words
They want me to die in order to praise me
They closed your door in my face
They drove me out of the field
They poisoned my grapes, Dad
They smashed my toys, Dad

When the breeze passed by and played with my hair
they got jealous and revolted against me and you,
What did I do to  ​​them, Dad?
The Butterflies landed on my shoulder,
and the wheat inclined towards me,,
The bird landed on my palms
So what did I do, Dad,
and why me?

You named me Joseph,
They dropped me in the pit, and accused the wolf;
and the wolf was more merciful than my brothers..

Daddy! Did I insult anyone when I said:
I saw eleven planets,
and  the sun and the moon bowing down to me?

Translation by Dr Fayeq Oweis