Mahmoud Darwish Poems 

ديوان : Mahmoud Darwish Poems

قصائد الديوان عدد المشاهدات
Psalm 9788
Under Siege2446
Passport : Mahmoud Darwish5119
Identity Card1623
The Dice Player2559
Who Am I, Without Exile2194
If I Were Another1980
In Her Absence I Created Her Image3671
In Jerusalem558
No More And No Less556
The Cypress Broke585
To A Young Poet617
Your Night Is Of Lilac635
A Traveller627
The Prison Cell549
Those Who Pass Between Fleeting Words575
I Have The Wisdom Of One Condemned…530
Don\'T Apologize For What You\'Ve Done575
The Horse Fell Off The Poem627
To Our Land1294
I Come From There551
I Am Yusuf Oh Father588
I Have A Seat In The Abandoned Theater574
To My Mother582
Think of Others3472
Rita And The Rifle580
Psalm Three585
A Soldier Dreams Of White Lilies655