الديوان : Mahmoud Darwish Poems . الشاعر/الكاتب : محمود درويش

Anticipating gets me a craze thinking of the many possibilities:
Perhaps she forgot her small purse in the train,
she lost my address and the mobile phone
lost her appetite and said: he is not destined to get a piece of the light rain
or perhaps she got preoccupied with an emergency matter
or a trip towards the south to visit the sun,
and called, but did not find me in the morning;
as I went out to buy a Gardenia for our night
and two bottles of wine
or perhaps she had a disagreement with the former husband
regarding old memories ,
and swore not to see a man threatening her to make new memories
or perhaps she hit a Taxi in her way to me
and the planets of her galaxy switched off,
and she still being treated with sedatives and drowsiness
or perhaps she looked in the mirror before coming out of herself,
detected two large pears vibrating out of her silk,
sobbed and hesitated:
does anyone deserves my femininity other than I
or perhaps she crossed,
coincidentally, a former Love that she has not recovered from,
and joined him to dinner
or perhaps she died,
like me, death falls in love suddenly,
and like me, death does not like anticipating

Translation by Dr Fayeq Oweis